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In today’s technology market, it is important to manage cost, timelines, and efficiency when upgrading or implementing new business software. Our services equip our clients with talented and experienced individuals that provide subject expertise in the areas of enterprise applications, technology solutions, and seamless knowledge transfer to your internal resources. IMC’s goal is to save our client’s time, money, and resources, and our staff has consistently exceeded expectations associated with accurate implementation, accelerated timeline delivery, and reliable knowledge transfer methods.

We understand that finding the right technical talent for your business is sometimes a difficult process. That’s why we are committed to facilitating your needs in the form of contract and permanent hires that add to the strength of your internal staff, or interim contract solutions that rapidly fill a specialized need. IMC will assist our clients in hiring permanent, direct hire resources or engaging contract consultants.

Our commitment to ongoing contact drives consultant performance and retention through project completion. It also allows us to proactively plan for your upcoming workforce needs.

Contract Consultants

The contract consultants we employ treat their assignments as if it is a permanent job. It is our priority to match their personality and skill set in a customized solution based on your project needs. Whether you are hiring for a short-term project, covering for an employee on vacation, or simply seeking a low-risk solution for a high profile task, our contract consulting services offer flexible and highly specialized alternative to permanent placements.

Direct Hire

Our permanent hiring approach incorporates the dynamics of employment psychology into the career change process for salary-inclined individuals. This facilitates matching the right individuals, their personalities, and their career goals with our client needs and preferences. As the talent pool of technology professionals flow with the changing conditions of the market, we take great pride in finding the career-oriented individual who brings talent, integrity, and commitment to your business.

Customer Service Team

Our Account Management Team consists of the Account Manager and a team of dedicated recruitment staff. Account Manager serves as a liaison between the customer and the recruiters, as well as a point of contact for the consultants. This allows the customer and the consultants to deal with one contact person who will manage their requirements and handle all the outstanding issues.

Our Account Managers are available during regular business hours as well as in the evenings and on the weekend via e-mail and by phone. The number of dedicated personnel is determined depending on the size of the account. All IMC personnel has been with the company for a long period of time due to our successful employee retention program.

Account Managers meet with the client on the regular basis to obtain feedback. They also have regular scheduled meetings with the workforce. As the result, we review performance and deliverables on the pre-defined basis and are able to catch the unfavorable situation early in the engagement. We also provide necessary training and guidance, if the situation permits.

Clients' Feedback

IMC consistently receives very positive feed back from our customers as it is reflected in D&B Open Ratings Evaluation Report. (Click here to view)

This is what IMC customers say about our performance:

“IMC consistently responded rapidly with a large quantity of quality resources that satisfy the staffing request of project managers. IMC has been flexible regarding short staffing assignments, gaps in assignments, and sharing resources among projects. IMC has also demonstrated their commitment to their clients by working to meet rate budgets/targets (even for short term assignments).”